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  Model 450 Stainless Steel Rear Chute Compactor

The 450 SS RC

Features and Specifications

Some very good reasons to install 450 SS RC:

Dramatically Lowers Hauling Costs with its 25 to 1 compaction ratio dramatically saving 40-70% on your waste hauling bills.

Easier Housekeeping. Your housekeeping staff will really appreciate the ease of use and simple handling of the TRASH CUBE. 450 SS RC incorporates an Air Sanitizer which really cuts down on odor keeping tenants and staff happy and healthy.

Upgrades The Appearance Of Your Property. No more birds, rodents, flies, and other unsightly and possibly unhealthy problems. Your pickup area will be much neater and cleaner and the image of your building will be much higher with tenants and neighbors alike.

Cuts Down On Potential Fire Hazards. Fire Marshals and Health Officials will like what you've done for safety and the environment. Your tenants will like it even better. Inside Power Packer High Rise... They Are The Solution To Sanitary Waste Disposal Making Everyone Involved Happier In The Process.

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