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  Model 700 Stainless Steel Compactor System

The 700 SS

Ideal for:
Health Care
Food Service
Housing Complexes
Hospitality Firms
Theme Parks
Hotel Chains
Fast Food Companies
The Military

Other Standard Features

Power Packer... It not only gets the job done... It saves you money in the process.

The Power Packer system is the perfect answer to total trash control. Power Packer offers you superior design and construction using stainless steel throughout. They all provide huge savings in trips to the dumpster, fewer pickups by the hauler, improved security, easier housekeeping, superior sanitation and a quick return on your investment. In addition, Power Packer is easy to use, saves space and labor costs.

Some very good reasons to install Power Packer:
Dramatically lowers hauling costs
Better security for your business and employees
Saves you big in labor costs
Easier housekeeping
Reduces opportunity for employee pilferage
Upgrades the appearance of your property
Lessens fire hazards and complies with health standards
Keeping trash under control at its source
Helps enforcing recycling programs




Health Care Stainless Steel Compactor Education Stainless Steel Compactor Food Service Stainless Steel Compactor Housing Complex Stainless Steel Compactor Hospitality Business Stainless Steel Compactor Theme Park Stainless Steel Compactor Hotel Stainless Steel Compactor Fast Food Stainless Steel Compactor Military Stainless Steel Compactor

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