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Pictures shown below are of the TVB-60-S with standard Songbird Blue paint. The TVB-48-S and TVB-72-S are the same unit but with different widths 
Vertical Baler TBV-48
Vertical Baler TBV-60

Vertical Baler TBV-72

Vertical Baler TBV-72 - Baler for all industries. This large baler crushes trash, plastic, cardboard, etc.


These vertical balers are recommended for any business generating recyclable material including: 

  • Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
  • Retail Outlets, Department Stores and Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals and Office Complexes
  • Manufacturing Facilities and Distribution Centers
  • Recyclers
  • Restaurants

The TVB line of vertical balers is ideal waste management equipment for recycling conscious and safety conscious companies. These balers are reliable, proven, and widely used by many of the most respected corporations in America. Wholesale warehouses, manufacturing facilities, supermarkets, distribution centers, and medical centers are some of our biggest clients. 

Baling is an economical means to handle recyclable material. Corrugated and other paper products, rags, waste, and plastic bottles can be compacted into bales measuring from 36" to 78" wide and weighing from 250 to 2250 lbs. depending on the baler model, material and method of loading.

The ten standard balers in our diverse TVB line are all high density models capable of producing heavier than average bales. The low profile (LP) style is equipped with the same features as our standard baler, yet with an operating height under ten feet for installations with low ceiling clearances.

For specialized applications or unique situations many specialty models are available.


TVB-72-S Cardboard Baler with standard features (Chain Eject) as outlined on the attached literature.Unit is supplied with a 15 HP 3 phase electric motor. The baler meets OSHA requirements and electrical components and controls are UL approved. Bale size is 72"W x 30"D x 44"H. Bale weight is 1000 -1200 lbs. Corrugated , 1100-1350 lbs. Paper. Specify voltage on your order - 208, 230 , or 460v 3 Phase. Std. Machinery Enamel Paint - Color is Songbird Blue

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