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Outside Compactor - Waste Compaction System
Front and rear loading containers are available
Model P-200
                                               Picture shows front loading container
The P-200 Outdoor Waste Compactor

Innovative Way To Reducing Waste Hauling Costs

The new P-200 outdoor compactor is designed to reduce volume of waste storage as well as waste hauling expenses. It helps eliminate vermin and odor problems while eliminating leakage associated with wet waste. There is no need for special material handling equipment. You reduce the space required for your trash storage and eliminate unsightly trash.

Safe and Simple To Operate Outdoor Compactor

The P-200 Outdoor Waste Compactor operation is safe and simple. Just open the loading door, toss the trash into the container, close the door, and push the start button. The Power Packer cycles automatically and is ready for more trash in 28 seconds. The unique counter-balanced loading door is easy to open.  Safety switches disable the machine when the loading door is open, preventing injury during operation. The keylock controls prevent both unsafe and unauthorized operation. All controls are UL listed and the Power Packer meets or exceeds all ANSI and OSHA standards.

Superior Design For Superior Performance

The dual cylinders produce 28,300 lbs. of ram pressure. Compaction pressure is held until the next time you need to load the Power Packer. The end result is more room to load more solid waste.

115V-Single Phase
Twin 3 Cylinders
Two Stage Pump


Ozone Sanitizer
3 Phase Power Unit
Through The Wall Chutes
Additional Colors Available
Right/Left Side Control Panel


As you can see in the pictures above, this facility went from being a big mess to a clean and tidy work environment with our P-200 Outdoor Waste Compactor System.



Outside Compactor - Waste Compaction System
Front and rear loading containers are available


Outdoor Waste Compactor / Power Packer



Model P-200 Equipment List and Options



P200                  with (1)  2YRD  (Front Load) Container                     

P200                  with (1)  2YRD  (Rear Load)  Container                     

P200-2YDFL       Additional Container - 2 YRD (Front Load)          

P200-2YDRL       Additional Container - 2 YRD (Rear Load)                             


Standard Equipment:

Front Load or Rear Load Container  (1 only)                      

2 HP Motor, TEFC                                                              

Twin Cylinders-3 Bore                                             

Two Stage Pump 


         Specify Voltage when ordering:   115V-Single Phase

                                                              OPT-190 230V-Single Phase



Factory Installed Optional Equipment


OPT-367    Air Sanitizer                                                             

OPT-371    Left Side Control Panel                                          

TBD          Custom Rear Chutes Available                                                   

OPT-342    3 Phase 2 HP 208/230V Power Unit                      

OPT-352    3 Phase 2 HP 460V Power Unit                             

OPT-374    Chute, 18 From building                                        

OPT-373    Inside Remote Control With Key Lock                            

OPT-375    P200 Rear Cut Out With Frame

CF-00        Security Door With Frame Above 42"


NOTE:  Continuous product improvement is a policy of ours .  Specifications are subject to change without notice.

For further compactor, baler, and drum crusher information, please call or fax us at the numbers below.
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