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Stock Room Baler - Twin Cylinder Baler Specifications
Model VB-42-SR


All VB Series vertical balers feature patent-pending safety and performance features. Innovative electro-mechanical door interlock system assures door is closed during compression cycle. Gas spring loading door assist is the safest and most reliable system available. Life cycle tested for over 10 years of use, the gas springs eliminate all chains, cables, and pulleys.

Dimensions:Depth 32 1/2"
Width 62 1/2"
Height 77 13/16" ( 91 5/16" with Lift gate up )
Shipping Height32 1/2" d x 62 " w x 77 13/16" h ( Machine is on casters )
Feed door opening20"H x 42"W
Compaction force23,545 lb.
Ram face dimension42"W x 24"D
Ram face pressure31.7 psi
Cycle time23 sec. (with 5 hp 3 phase motor) or 49 sec. (with 1 hp single phase motor)
Control Panel is U.L. Listed
Baler meets or exceeds ANSI Z245.5 and Z245.51safety standards.
Baler uses readily available, nationally and internationally distributed components.
Baler is assembled from at least 95% American made components.
Bale size:24"D x 28"H x 42"L
Bale volume16.33 cubic feet
Bale weights (approx.)up to 400 lb. (corrugated)
Ram penetration17"
Machine weight1900 lb
Floor7 ga. sheet steel
Structural channel
" X 3" flat bar reinforcement
Sides7 ga. sheet steel
(4) 3/16" formed brace per side
Backstructural channel
Door7 ga. sheet steel
(3) 3/16" formed brace
Cylinder mounting1" plate
Platen1/4" steel plate
structural channel
(guides)4 corner UHMW guides
Pump(type) Rotary vane positive displacement
(capacity) 6 gpm
System pressure2000 psi
Cylinder (2)(bore) 3"
(stroke) 24"
(rod) 1-3/8"
Reservoir capacity12 gal
The system is mounted on the baler. The power unit has the following features: 20 micron filtering system, sight gauge, and 40 mesh filler/breather cap.
Motor(hp) 5
(rpm) 1750
(voltage) 208/230/480 VAC 60Hz Three phase
Motor (Opt.)(hp) 1
(rpm) 1800
(voltage) 110 / 220 VAC 60 Hz Single Phase
Electrical Panel(main) Hoffman NEMA 4
(junction) Hoffman NEMA 3R
Looms(motor) 1/2" sealtite w/ #10 TFFN wire (note: all looms are grounded)
(main) Multi-conductor cord (color coded)
(power unit) Multi-conductor cord (color coded)
Motor starterIEC size 2
Operators(type) Allen Bradley 800E series (22mm)
(used) Red Mushroom stop push button - pull to start
3 position keyed mode switch
3 position selector switch (for manual operation)
Interlock switches loading The Dortronics electromagnetic lock, with a break force of 600lbf, holds the gate in the closed position during the entire cycle of the baler. The electromagnet is equipped with sensors that tell the controller when the gate is closed. When there is no signal from the sensors, meaning the loading gate is open, the baler will not operate
PrimerRust inhibiting bottom coat, 2 mil thickness
PaintIndustrial enamel, high solids, 4 mil thickness
Stock Room Baler - Twin Cylinder Baler Specifications Diagram

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