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Trash Compactors Balers Guide (NEW EQUIPMENT) DB42 (42" Vertical Baler - Cardboard Baler) DB60 (60" Vertical Baler - Cardboard Baler) DB60H (60" High Pressure Vertical Baler) DD30 (30" Drum Crusher - Drum Compactor) DP Series (Cardboard Baler / Drum Crusher) DP18 (18" Industrial Baler / Industrial Drum Crusher) DP24 (24" Industrial Baler / Industrial Drum Crusher) DP30 (30" Industrial Baler / Industrial Drum Crusher) DP36 (36" Industrial Baler / Industrial Drum Crusher) DP36LP (Low Profile / Portable Baler - Compactor) TVB48 (48" Industrial Vertical Baler - Recycling Baler) TVB60 (60" Industrial Vertical Baler - Recycling Baler) TVB72 (72" Industrial Vertical Baler - Recycling Baler) VB42 (42" Low Profile Deep Chamber Vertical Baler) VB42SR (42" Stock Room Baler - Twin Cylinder Baler) VB46 (46" Low Profile Deep Chamber Vertical Baler) VB60 (60" Low Profile Deep Chamber Vertical Baler) VB72 (72" Low Profile Deep Chamber Vertical Baler) EX6FL (6 Yard Building Trash Compactor - Commercial) CA5 (Industrial Building Compactor - Commercial Purposes) 300SS (Stainless Steel Trash Compactor - Stainless) 450SS (Stainless Steel Trash Compactor - Stainless) 700SS (Stainless Steel Trash Compactor - Stainless) 450SSRC (Rear Chute Stainless Steel Trash Compactor) 700SSRC (Rear Chute Stainless Steel Trash Compactor) C36RC (High Rise Apartment Complex Trash Compactor) P200 (Outside Compactor - Waste Compactor System) VC02 Building Trash Container with Chute Used Vertical Balers Used Trash Compactors Used Tool Room Machinery and Tooling
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Here's what our customers are saying about us:

Date Purchased: 5/1/10     Model:DD-30
Since purchasing our DD-30 industrial drum crusher, we are extremely satisfied with the customer service and this industrial waste crushing product. It handles our industrial metal drum crushing needs perfectly. Crushing 40 gallon metal drums and cans is a snap with our new industrial drum crusher. This drum crusher has made our employee's jobs much easier. We would highly recommend this piece of industrial waste equipment to other industrial buyers / manufacturers.
Mike B. - Las Vegas, NV

Our textile manufacturing company bought a new Model TVB48S for our textile manufacturing facility. We have been very impressed with the manufacturing balers high performance, product quality, and ease of use. If you are a manufacturing company looking for a compactor or baler item, manufactured in the US, that can be used every day, then this compactor/baler is for you.
Jose G. - Mexico

My company's shopping center in Haleiwa, HI needed a commercial or industrial cardboard baler / bailing system, so we bought a DP-24 from Compactors And Balers and we use it daily. The smaller compactor baler size is excellent. Our store has a lot of excess cardboard boxes and containers, so I knew we could use this daily to reduce space taken up by corrugated cardboard boxes. No problems with this industrial compactor baler. Very easy to use. It saves us money. Thanks again!
Joan D - Haleiwa, HI

I needed a stainless steel trash compactor for my home, so I bought a 300 SS trash compactor. I did a lot of research and this trash compactor has all I wanted in a stainless steel trash compactor. I love the way it crushes my trash for garbage truck pickup. I have seen the amount of trash volume for the trash management company reduced about 75%. Trash compactors really do make a differnce in trash reduction.
Fred L. - USA

I'm glad I found your trash compactor and baler company! We love our DD30 commercial drum crusher! The drum crusher product is excellent for drum crushing and can compaction. Compacting drums and cans couldn't be easier. Thanks again! I will use you again!
Simon A. - British Virgin Islands

The North Pole is very very cold. We didn't know what kind of trash recycling equipment we needed. Your trash compactor and baler website was informative. We were also very impressed by your extensive waste industry knowledge as well as friendly service. Thanks for helping us find trash recycling equipment that meets up to our high standards as well as can hold up to our harsh winters. Reducing trash has been a snap with your trash-equipment. Thanks a million.
Ralph H. - The North Pole

We have purchased several large industrial and commercial vertical balers for crushing and recycling cardboard from CompactorsAndBalers.com over the past few years and have been extremely satisfied. They will continue to get our waste management equipment business. Their waste management baler equipment is tested and proven to meet our very high standards. Highly recommended. There is noone else I would trust with my waste management equipment.
Mary S. - Dallas, TX

I searched the web when our ocean vessel needed a marine stainless steel compactor and ran across your waste management company. The marine waste equipment product you delivered was exactly what you said it would be. Well packaged, new, clean, and it worked like a charm. We are very pleased with our 300 SS Stainless Steel Trash Compactor. Waste management is difficult at sea, but your waste management equipment performs flawlessly.
Stan - At Sea

Ron, Your expert waste management / recycling equipment staff is dynamite! We got a great price on our industrial drum crusher / compactor and fast delivery. Thanks for all of your help advising us on the proper waste management equipment for our needs. Our waste management recycling efforts are really paying off. Your compactors and balers have helped reduce our dumpster costs considerably. Thanks a bunch!
Mike M. - St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

I decided to select CompactorsAndBalers.com from our list of waste management equipment suppliers, because they offered the best price, delivery, and service. The personal attention and friendly I received was second to none! They have a national network of installers willing and bale to install their waste management equipment. Installers were professional and really knew the waste management business. 5 stars out of 5 stars. Will recommend to all my friends looking for waste management equipment. Thanks Ron!
Joe T. - San Francisco, CA

Our TVB60 cardboard baler has performed exceptionally well in our company waste reduction facility. Our main use for this product is large cardboard boxes and paper. The TVB60 is exactly what we were looking for. It is very reliable and easy to use. There are other cardboard baler manufacturers, but this one offers the best value for your money. Fast delivery and free advice is why we chose Compactors And Balers over the other compactor and baler manufacturers.
John W. - New York, NY

We chose compactors and balers industrial / commercial model 2205, a multi-bin trash compactor, because it has casters for rolling around and also allows us to crush / compact multiple materials with one compactor system. We compact and crush plastic, paper, and cardboard on a daily basis. It's a great trash reduction compactor product!
Chris H. - Chicago, IL

I reviewed a lot of other waste management-recycling equipment companies products and chose CompactorsAndBalers.com, because they had the best quality products at the most reasonable price. No need to go anywhere else. Manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers should use them, because they provide the best trash compactors and balers in the business. I give these Compactors And Balers a 10 out of 10.
Larry O. - Salt Lake City, UT

The DB42 vertical baler we bought has helped us reduce our corrugated cardboard box and paper problems. Now we have a clean and efficient work area with much less clutter. In addition we have become a more responsible (greener) company by recycling cardboard on a daily basis. Baling cardboard, paper, and other waste material is so easy with this industrial baler-compactor. Thanks!
Glenn S. - Hammond, IN

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